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Turning Ordinary Paper Plane in to Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

I bet each one of you once had spending time to play with paper plane back in your childhood, it was really fun experience flying those paper planes with your friends and trying to be the best in gaining the altitude and longest flying time. I was typically a kid who never wanted to lose, so I tried to modify my paper plane, so it could fly higher and longer. Me myself until this time never be able to get rid of those memories and never get bored until this time to play with it in my spare time.

However, no matter how much effort you modify the paper plane, eventually it will just fly for a few seconds and land, besides when you play it in the windy area, your paper plane will be easily blown away and fly recklessly with no direction. This is totally not good.

Anyway, have you ever wondered such a paper plane can be converted to a remote control. finally I found a toy maker creates some kind of additional propeller and rudder to control the flying path of the paper plane using your smart phone. Am I kidding? Absolutely NO.

Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

It is POWERUP, they have created the product that can turn your paper plane to Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane, it is able to control the paper plane to ascend or descend and turn left or right by simply tilting your smart phone as the remote controller, by using a simple Bluetooth connection this product can be easily paired with your smart phone.

The shape of POWERUP product is very simple, it consist of Bluetooth receiver with built in tiny motor on the front end which connects to a tiny rod to rotate the propeller on the back end with built in motorized tiny rudder to yaw the paper plane right and left.

Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
Powerup Structure

Then for your remote controller app, you could download it for its website, it is very user friendly and very easy to pair your converted paper plane.

Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
Smartphone for Remote Control

For the installation of POWERUP is also piece of cake thing to do, just slip the POWERUP to the front end of the paper plane, and it is ready to fly.

This magical thing is originally designed for your happiness, POWERUP has rechargeable battery and crash-proof construction, so you do

Powerup Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
Powerup designed for Fun-To-Fly

n’t have to be worry when you accidentally crash in to a tree, wall or even hit the ground.

I have been talking so much about the fun things of this product, now I am going to talk about the product legality in every country. In this case, the country where I live, Indonesia. In my country, for a any kind of Bluetooth product, it must obtain the certificate from SDPPI (compliance certification body under Ministry of Telecommunication) before the product can be imported and marketed in Indonesia.

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