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Android TV Box; A Multipurpose Box that Upgrades Your TV

With Android TV Box coming into the market, this could be a thread for many Cable TV Service providers or probably some smart TV Products. How this could possibly happen? Mainly it’s because this TV Box offers what Cable TV services and smart TV offer while managing to have many other interesting features, additionally. Besides, using Android TV Box also costs cheaper than subscribing to Cable TV services. So, before you deciding to cancel your subscription and install this Android-system TV Box, here’s some information you need to know about this small magical box.

Android TV Box; A Multipurpose Box to Upgrade Your TV

What is Android TV Box?

Android TV Box is basically a small multi-purposes device that will upgrade your ordinary TV into smart TV. This is a home entertainment device that turns to be so popular these days. It allows users to watch live streaming, do internet surfing, play games, access various Android applications, and even finish their work on TV. With all these functions, it feels exactly like having a smartphone on the size of TV, and installing it is basically just moving smartphone functionalities on TV.

Benefits of Using Android TV Box

We have mentioned earlier that Android TV Box is a truly breakthrough invention in home entertainment system. It turns your TV alive and able to perform great functionalities as well. That’s why we think investing money on this small device is really worth. But, if you’re still in the middle of doubt in using it, below are some benefits you could possibly obtain after purchasing this small Android box.

1. Versatility

Android TV Box and RemoteVersatility is the biggest attraction of Android TV Box. Can you imagine, by installing this device in your TV, you can download more than half a thousand of Android Applications and running it directly on your TV. You can play games, read news from the internet, open and answer email, stream live video, or just browse anything. Surely, you can add some proprietary devices as well to maximize the functionality of these features. And one more sophisticated thing is that it allows your TV to perform high definition 1080p videos or even 4K.

2. Fulfilling Your Social Needs

In addition to the entertainment system, Android TV Box can also utilize its feature to fulfill your social life. You can see latest news from the internet from your TV, or simply connect to people by accessing your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Moreover, doing work such as accessing email and making office documents is also possible with the utilization of various email and office application options. And the bottomline, it all can be done conveniently on larger screen than your smartphone or tablet.

3. Possibility of Development

In its operation, Android TV Box utilizes Android Operating System. It means that there is no limitation for third party to get involved. This obviously will make TV applications becomes battle field for third party developers to innovate more. They can innovate on the entertainment aspects from the TV, create great social platform specialized for TV, or invent a certain TV application for supporting education. Therefore, just like other Android devices such as smartphone and Tablet, Android TV Box is something ever growing with open possibilities for development in the future.

4. Great Flexibility

Android TV Box exampleWhat it means by flexibility here is the flexibility in term of option and in term of usage. In term of option, there are many options of Android TV Box in the market. As we know, Android is an open platform, so it opens possibility for manufacturers to adopt this kind of system and apply it to their TV Box products. So, it’s really flexible for you to choose which product that fits the most to both your needs and the TV device specification you have.

In term of usage, it is very flexible to use or install Android TV Box. All you need is connecting the device to your TV through HDMI port. And establish connection between the TV Box to the Internet network via wireless or wired connection, and it’s done, your set is ready. In addition, Android TV Box is also relatively small. Most of devices are even in the size of portable hard disk. So, it’s easier to carry it anywhere you travel, so you can simply install it to hotel or residential TV you’re staying in.

Selling Android TV Box in Indonesia

Indonesia is fast-growing market for telecommunication product, including Android TV Box. With the promising growth of economy, people’s purchasing power toward advance television product is getting increased. This is why the possibility of selling TV Box Android as proprietary equipment is bigger today than it used to be. Therefore, for manufacturer or distributor who wants to sell this TV Box, below is the requirement they need to fulfill before doing marketing.

Android TV Box; Online Streaming Options

One mandatory requirement before selling Android TV Box in Indonesia is product approval. For TV Box, since it uses some Radio Frequency technologies such as Bluetooth or WiFi or even cellular like GSM, it needs to fulfill SDPPI certification from Communication Ministry. This certification process is needed to make sure that the radio frequency features are complied with the regulation. So, it’s safe to be used and not causing any interference to other radio frequency usage.

In conclusion, Android TV Box is definitely a worth buying device. It’s flexible, simple, and brings a lot of functionalities. Besides, installing this device is also much cheaper than using Cable TV services or buying smart TV. So, for you who want to own this device, you can choose one on various selections. Choose wisely based on your needs of having upgraded TV. And one thing that you need to make sure is that device has been registered and complied with local regulation.

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