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Truly Wireless Earbud; Innovative Audio Product that Soon Will Become a Standard

Walking down the street, standing in the train ticket line, or sitting down at café, we can see many people wear earphone in their ears. But wait, there something odd on the earphone that those people use. See the girl standing next to the announcement board, or the guy sitting on the bench, and the kid that was just out from the train platform, they all use the similar kind of earphone, the odd one, the one that doesn’t have connecting cable to be exact. It’s just small piece of Earphone, or earbud, that’s slipped into their earhole. Do those buds really work? How do they connect? Like, really. Well, you don’t need to be surprised. That’s what we call “Truly Wireless Earbud”, or usually shortened as “TWE”. This is a truly innovative audio technology that’s soon, we believe, will become a new standard for many audio device manufacturers.

Innovative Truly Wireless Earbud

The Development of Truly Wireless Earbud

As we know, the development of Audio product is extremely rapid. Just few years ago, we saw many people were still using traditional wired headset, headphone, or earphone with the long cable and stuffs. But it turns out that now people are pursuing wireless feature on their headset, something that we might not be able to find in few years back.

But, it doesn’t mean that wireless headset came out to the market just recently. Back then, there’s few wireless headset products that were already available. We may know Jabra, has played in this market since long time ago. Or, in 2015 for example, we are saw the first pairs of Truly Wireless Earbud was exhibited during CES event. There is Bragi Dash, a brand that may be not that familiar today. But, it has exhibited the first ever Truly Wireless Earbud in 2015, even before Apple comes out with the famous Airpod.

Back then, Bragi’s earbud has featured the shape of modern Truly Wireless Earbud, just like other earbud that we see in the market right now. However, the dimension is still a bit chunky, even if it fits quite well in ears. The design is futuristic, just a perfect fit for the sound quality that is quite good.

The quality offered by Bragi 5 years ago is not just a pure luck. Fun fact, this brand is a nice collaboration result. The development of this product was initiated by former Harman Kardon’s head of design. And the COO of the brand was a senior VP in GN Audio, mother company of Jabra. So, no wonder that this was quite a jump in audio device market. This product was a result of long experience in Audio product as well as advance understanding of audio technology.

Since then, the innovation comes in very rapidly. Especially with the development of wireless technology, especially Bluetooth, we can see wireless headset has been developed too. The progress was very obvious; from the traditional looking one, continuously developed into more and advance device that offers both functionality and practicability. And one thing for certain, by the time manufacturer start to minimize the use of cable. Even now, cable is not required anymore in Truly Wireless Earbud product.

How do Truly Wireless Earbud Works

It’s already indicated earlier that the mechanism of Truly Wireless Earbud is related to wireless technology, or in this case is Bluetooth. Since the development of Bluetooth technology, it enables Truly wireless earbud to function like it is now. The current standard is Bluetooth version 5.0 that offers many benefits in terms of stable connection and low energy usage. With the application of this standard, truly wireless earbud can manage its stable connection in pretty wide range of coverage.

Talking about mechanism, it is very simple. You can pair truly wireless earbud with your mobile device like phone, tablet, TV, etc. In this case, the mobile device will act as the transmitter that will send audio signal, while the TWS will act as the receiver. Audio signal will be transferred from Mobile device to TWE through Bluetooth connection. TWS will receive this signal and play it in its tiny little bit of speaker, so you can listen to music or making a phone call wirelessly without any disruption or uncomfortable feeling from the cable. Even in some products, it’s been equipped with microphone that is compatible with virtual assistance like Google Assistance, Siri, or Alexa.

Truly Wireless Earbud

Back to the mechanism, there are two kinds of mechanism on Truly Wireless Earbuds. The first one is True Wireless Stereo, and another one is True Wireless Stereo Plus. In True wireless stereo, there is only one connection from the phone’s Bluetooth. Phone will connect to one of the earbud (either right or left) that acts as a master. Then, this master will connect to slave through magnetic induction connection. While in the case of True Wireless Stereo Plus, the connection will be established between the phone to both of L and R earbud. So, this way we can manage the connection to be more stable with no significant delay.

Safety issue of TWS

However, with its practicability and functionality, there are many people are still questioning the safety aspect of this device. Well, as stated earlier, in its operation, TWS uses Bluetooth connection that works in frequency around 2.4 GHz. This frequency is relatively very low so it won’t cause any interference to human body upon its exposure. Moreover, people also concern about the use of Li-ion battery that is placed inside the TWS, which is very near to the ear. About this, we believe that further research and study still needs to be conducted, remembering how serious the explosion incident of Galaxy note 7 from Samsung was caused by the battery. However, case like this is rarely happen, and Galaxy Note 7 was exceptional.

Do I need to Buy Truly Wireless Earbud?

If you’re someone who’s not only aiming for functionality, but also practicability, then you definitely need to get at least one pair of Truly Wireless Earbud. Nowadays, there are many brands offering their own TWS products. These products are offered in various shape and price range. So, you need to be precise to choose one. Our suggestion; to get the best fit of Truly Wireless Earbud product, we really suggest you to try the product first.

Go visit the store that exhibit TWS product, and find the one that fits the most to you. It doesn’t have to be pricey or comes from highly notable brand, but pay attention on the sound quality. And also, buy a product that has been distributed legally and already obtained permission from Authority. In the case of Indonesia for example, Truly Wireless Earbud product that is distributed has to obtain SDPPI certificate first (indicated by SDPPI label on the product or on the packaging). Because by that, we can make sure that the product is truly safe, and has complied with national standard. So, be a smart buyer and, happy shopping!

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