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About us


Our History

# April 2008; Company Incorporation

The journey of PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi was started on April 10th 2008 when it was first-founded by Mr. Umbul Narmadi in Bekasi, West Java. The company was named as “CV Dimulti”, and focused on providing Indonesian Type Approval Certification services. For around 8 years, CV Dimulti cooperated with multiple brands, laboratories, and business players to help them obtaining Indonesian Type Approval certification in the fast and timely manner, until the new company name was introduced in 2016.

# The beginning of 2016; Introduction of PT.DIMULTI PILAR NARMADI as a limited Company

For around 8 years, CV Dimulti managed to develop its resources and capacity while at the same time established some other business units. To accommodate that, in February 1st 2016 we established a new business entity in the form of a limited Company under the name “PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi”. With the bigger scope of company, we aim to provide fast and reliable services like no others.

# Early 2015; adding a new division

DIMULTI POOL, a swimming pool consultant division, was established in the early 2015. Supported by professional staffs who has expertise and experience for more than 15 years in the respective fields (swimming pool consultant), we offer our customers with various pool services, starting from Pool Building (Consulting, Design, construction) pool renovation and repair, as well as pool maintenance service in Indonesia. We also cooperate with some well-known brands in the swimming pool-niche, to offer customers high-quality pool products.

# Main Services

Since its firstly-founded, PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi has been specifically designed to support brand owners, Factories, Importers & Distributors, test laboratories, and other business players who want to access Indonesian market by obtaining type approval certification for their telecommunications equipment and other ITE products.

about DIMULTI people

Fast and Reliable Services

We enjoy racing against the time, because finishing task accurately in timely manner is what we believe in our basis.

Your Trustworthy Partner

Clear legality status is the front door of being a trustworthy partner. And fortunately, that’s not something you need to worry about us anymore.

Strong Output-based Principles

Driven to result the best possible output, we tend to cut unnecessities during the process in order to expedite outcomes.

Expert in the Respective Field

We believe in the importance of strong foundation, and that’s what we always keep in running the race. Our members are trained for that purpose.

Meet the Members

Our members play significant role in the company. Besides being the main drive for the company’s internal purpose, they will also help you dealing with the various challenges in accessing Indonesian market. So, get to know about our members here!

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Our Founders

Being the founder of the company doesn’t stop Mr. Umbul Narmadi from Learning and innovating. These are the principles he’s been holding in running the business for more than a decade. Especially to keep it established during the current situation, his ability to innovate and to adjust are beneficial inputs for the organization.

Besides, he also believes in the power of sharing. He shares a lot of knowledge and experiences through his hobby in writing. We may find some blogs or pages written by Mr. Umbul himself, explaining about various topics in diverse disciplines. However, Mr. Umbul Narmadi is also open to feedback, critics, and advise, since he believes those are the fuel in driving the evaluation and improvement.

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Umbul Narmadi


A dynamic person who intends to bring betterment toward others . With the passion to create, Mr. Umbul Narmadi actively innovates and creates something new and beneficial for the organization and his surrounding.

Meet the members!

Approval and Swimming Pool Division Team

-PT. Dimulti Pilar Narmadi-

Eko Prasetyo

Project Manager

“Every problem must come along with solution”, that’s what Eko believe in his basic. Having interest in language and literature, has helped him a lot in information delivery and interpretation. Instead of being Procastinator, he chooses to be precastinator, and that’s what significantly helps him to cope with fast pace compliance world.

Rachmadh Dwi Rinanto

Project Handler

Rachmadh is an experienced and skillful project handler. He started his professional carrier in compliance field as support engineer, which is why he has good technical knowledge. Beyond that, he is an accurate, straightforward, and customer-oriented person with easy-going and humble personality.

Rizza Asyhari


Very well organized person with great deal of business attitude is how we describe what kind of person Rizza is. Currently works in the Finance team, he puts more concern on accounting and tax planning. However, you may still get in touch with him in a matter of pricing, quotation, and invoicing.

Hari Agustomo Nugroho

Documents Coordinator

Sorting documents can be tricky at some points, but Hari dealing it well with his sense of attentivement. His experience and knowledge in the approval business is also contributive for whole members to finish and accomplish task in the timely manner.


Documents Coordinator

His experience in the compliance field doesn’t lie. Mr. Susilo was in charge of engineering, and now he supports for documents coordinator team, which means that we can rely on him in both technical and documental matters. Also being attentive to detail, his contributive input has helped the team in achieving targets.

Bambang Sugiharto

Engineering Support

Bambang is a hardworking person who’s also attentive to detail. Those are the qualities needed as a support engineering team. Besides, you may get in touch with him in a matter of goods and sample shipping or delivery, as he’s also in charge of logistics.

Kamaludin Saputro


Kamal is an experienced engineer who has a long portfolios in product testing. He’s been dealing with many varieties of samples from multiple manufacturers throughout his carrier, making him familiar with many testing softwares and settings. Do you have any technical issues in obtaining Indonesian approval? He’s more than ready to help.


Engineering Support

We describe Zuly as passionate and eager-to-learn kind of person. His patience and curiosity sometimes end up to unpredictable solutions that solve many technical issues. That’s why he fits to support our engineering team. His knowledge about electricals and product settings has helped engineers a lot, especially in dealing with in-office product test.

Andre Saputro

Water Treatment

Andre in in charge of swimming Pool Water treatment. As we know, it is very important to maintain swimming pool water to stay clean and clear. In order to do that, it requires good understanding about chemicals and treatment. And these are the part where he’s been specialized for.

Ahmad Arifin

Engineering Support

Arifin is a well-rounded member of Dimulti Pool. He’s not only good at engineering support, but his understanding about swimming pool in general is also beneficial for his position. Besides getting engineering advises, you can certainly discuss about other aspects of a swimming pool with him.


Engineering Support

Engineering support plays a big role in Dimulti Pool team. It deals with the machinery such us pump, filters, and other electrical aspects of a swimming pool. Ristana is not only good at those, but his long experiences in this field makes him able to help you decide which setting would be best to your swimming pool.

Arif Satria

Video Editor

To provide good references of our portfolios, we document every details of the process in video. Here’s where Arif takes his role. As our video editor, he also involves in video taking, editing, finishing, and putting it live in our channel so you can enjoy watching it.


Project Manager

As the main drive of Dimulti Pool, Supomo has the experience and expertise in Swimming Pool-related subjects. He’s been working in this industry for more than 15 years, making him understand the detail and able to provide applicable solution for all your swimming pool issues.

M Hamdi


Designing swimming pool requires skills, creativity, and precision. Fortunately, those are the qualities that Hamdi’s possessed. Moreover, his proficiency in using various design softwares will be very helpful in realizing your dream swimming pool into real.


Do you have any questions about Indonesian Type Approval or Swimming Pool construction? We’re ready to help. Send your inquiries by clicking the link below. See you soon!!