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Wireless Intercom Doorbell; A Safer Doorbell Option for Your House

For those who are concerning about home security and privacy, Wireless Intercom Doorbell could be a wise answer. By installing this wireless product, home owner can find out who’s ringing the doorbell without stepping outside or opening the gate. Surely, it will be an effective way to decrease the crime level within neighborhood. And for you who are considering installing this system in your house, here are some benefits you can take from wireless intercom doorbell installation. But before that, there are some important points you need to note about Intercom system.Wireless Intercom Doorbell; outdoor unit

Commonly, there are two kinds of Intercom system offered; wired and wireless. The difference between these two systems is obvious. Wired intercom uses wire to connect outdoor speaker panels to the master panels, and to indoor units. The wire itself is usually two-conductor shielded wire. But in some cases, provider uses CAT-5 cable for better communication. On the other hand, in wireless intercom, or usually called wireless Intercom doorbell, there is no wire needed. The communication between outdoor speaker, master panels, and indoor units is done over the air using radio frequency to transmit signal.

With the evolving wireless technology, wireless intercom is getting more popular compared to the wired one. This is due to its simplicity and affordability it has. Wireless intercom is simpler because the installation is quite easy and quick. You just need to attach the outdoor speaker on the gate wall, and then install the indoor unit on the wall inside of your house. All these things can be done simply by mounting the systems into the wall using screw and screwdriver.

Wireless Intercom Doorbell.Moreover, Wireless Intercom Doorbell is popular due to its affordability. By using wireless technology, it means that you don’t have to buy extra wire, or asking someone to install the whole system. Besides, the maintaining wireless intercom is quite easy too. Whenever you find an issue, you can simply detach the device, and bring it to the service center. There is no need to check the whole installation which obviously, will buy your time and money if you have to do it.

However, with all those positive things, it doesn’t mean that Wireless Intercom Doorbell doesn’t have any negative side, because in fact, it does. Firstly, we can not say that wireless technology is 100% private. As stated before, the communication between units is conducted through frequency or signal. It means that other similar devices nearby which operate in the same frequency range such as scanner, cordless phone, or baby monitor, are probably able to catch the signal too. And if it happens, the communication between units can be heard by other people. However, to avoid this issue, manufacturer usually applied encryption to the communication signal so outside device will not be able to get through the line.

Benefits of Installing Wireless Intercom Doorbell

There are several benefits can be obtained from wireless intercom doorbell installation as followed.

Increased Security System

The major point of Wireless Intercom Doorbell is its direct communication capability between outdoor units and indoor units. Not only Audio, but some wireless intercom products also offer video communication. So, whenever someone’s knocking the door, home owner can instantly make two-ways communication with the guess throughout the speakers, or see who the guess is through the display. By this, home owner can decide whether the guess is expected or not. Therefore, force entry from visitor or can be avoided.


Wireless Intercom Doorbell; paired to smartphoneFor you who live in the big cities, you must have experienced the moment when you feel uncomfortable with many unwanted sales that come. Or when you heard someone’s knocking the door, but there is no one when you open the door. By installing wireless intercom doorbell, this moment can be avoided effectively.

With two ways communication from the intercom system, you can confirm who the guess is first before opening the door. Even in some products nowadays, the audio and video file can be access on your smartphone. So, you don’t have to get up from your bed and rush to the indoor unit to see the guess. By this, you will feel safe and much comfortable at home.

Marketing Wireless Intercom Doorbell in Indonesia

Marketing intercom system is actually easy in Indonesia, especially if the system is wired. But, if it’s wireless, there will be some requirements that the industry needs to comply first. In this case, the products need to obtain certification from SDPPI (Directorate General Post and Telecommunication Equipment of Indonesia) to proof that the device is already complied with local regulation. Regardless what kind of wireless technology it uses, whether it is WiFi, Low Power, Bluetooth, or others, this certification is essentials to obtain.Wireless Intercom Doorbell; A Safer Doorbell Option for Your House

Finally, with all those reasons, we can see how essentials the installation of Wireless Intercom System is. Especially in big cities residence, where people don’t really know each other. It is very important to know who’s knocking the door. Therefore, the crime level cause by unwanted visitors can be minimized effectively. So, for you who wants to install this intercom system, don’t forget to choose the right one for your environment. So, the device can be functioned maximally.

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